• Internet Marketing

    Selling Your Soul for $10

    I want to talk about a ‘touchy’ subject right now.
    My aim isn’t to offend anyone, and I hope I don’t. But I do feel I need to go where others fear to tread, you might say, in the hopes of helping you skirt some problems that I see in our industry.

  • Growing Your Business

    Master Up Selling and Cross Selling to Increase Sales

    When you’re building your sales funnel, don’t forget to include an upsell or cross sell or two.
    An upsell is simply an option to buy a bigger, better version of what you’re selling. For example, you might offer two versions of software, one of which does more than the other.

  • Internet Marketing

    How School Ruins Your Business

    Whether you spent 12 or 16 years or more in school, I’d like to make a radical suggestion:
    Forget your schooling.
    Frankly, I wanted to use a different “F” word than “Forget.”
    Here’s why:

  • Growing Your Business

    Live Chat Increases Sales 20%

    Would you like a 20% bump in sales?
    Was that a really stupid question?
    Of course you want a giant bump in sales, but you’ve probably thought that live chat is something for the “big” guys, and not for you.

  • Information Publishing

    Case Study: How to Get Paid BEFORE You Publish Your Book

    How would you like to make money, gain new affiliates and a ton of new customers, and in the process brand yourself as an expert and have your own book, too?
    You already know that one of the very best ways to brand yourself as an expert in your niche – no matter what your niche might be – is to write your own book.

  • Membership Sites

    Never Miss an Opportunity to Make Your Readers Feel Smart

    I was on the Reader’s Digest site the other day, killing time, when I ran across an article titled:
    12 Detective Riddles Only the Smartest People Can Solve

  • Internet Marketing

    Note from Your Future Self

    Hey, it’s me.
    I just wanted to tell you something important – something you need to know right now.
    You’re at a crossroads right now, and I’ve seen where both paths go.

  • Membership Sites

    How to Double Your Sales with Cheat Sheets

    How would you like to:

    Show your customers you CARE
    Make yourself MORE sales
    Reduce your refund rate on affiliate products
    Let your customers know you GENUINELY recommend a product (and you’re not just trying to make a commission)
    Help your customers achieve their goals
    Build trust and rapport with your readers

List Building

Customers are Like Elephants

At ‘The Elephant Sanctuary’ – a non-profit organization based in Hohenwald, Tennessee – an elephant named Jenny became very animated when a new elephant named Shirley arrived.

List Building

15 Trust Building Phrases

Some of these can be used in the written word, and all of them can be used in conversation to build trust with almost anyone.
1: “What can I do to help?”

List Building

How to Create a “Plumber’s Lead Magnet”

This works in most any niche and for most any business, not just plumbers. But I’m going to use plumbing as an example for a couple of reasons:
First, odds are, like me, you know little to nothing about plumbing.
Second, if you can do this in a niche you know nothing about, you can do it in any niche.