Growing Your Business

Master Up Selling and Cross Selling to Increase Sales

When you’re building your sales funnel, don’t forget to include an upsell or cross sell or two.
An upsell is simply an option to buy a bigger, better version of what you’re selling. For example, you might offer two versions of software, one of which does more than the other.

Internet Marketing

How School Ruins Your Business

Whether you spent 12 or 16 years or more in school, I’d like to make a radical suggestion:
Forget your schooling.
Frankly, I wanted to use a different “F” word than “Forget.”
Here’s why:

Growing Your Business

Live Chat Increases Sales 20%

Would you like a 20% bump in sales?
Was that a really stupid question?
Of course you want a giant bump in sales, but you’ve probably thought that live chat is something for the “big” guys, and not for you.

Information Publishing

Case Study: How to Get Paid BEFORE You Publish Your Book

How would you like to make money, gain new affiliates and a ton of new customers, and in the process brand yourself as an expert and have your own book, too?
You already know that one of the very best ways to brand yourself as an expert in your niche – no matter what your niche might be – is to write your own book.