Affiliate Marketing

ClickBank Demystified: Listing Your First Product

As Paypal limits some online marketers’ accounts, there’s been a resurgence of interest in selling products via ClickBank.
ClickBank takes the payment for you, deals with taxes and basically acts as a middle man between your product and customers.

Affiliate Marketing

7.75 Ways to Reduce Refunds

No one likes refunds.
You don’t like them because they’re a hassle and they (seemingly) cut into your profits.
Your payment processor doesn’t like them because it makes them nervous. While not nearly as bad as chargebacks, too many refunds can still raise a red flag and cause your processor to wonder if you might be a bad risk.

How to Recruit Affiliates by The Bucketful

In getting ready to write this article, I wanted to open with a joke about affiliates. I typed in “affiliate joke” into Google, unsure of what results I would get. Would you believe… there is an affiliate program for something

Sneaky Way to Earn from Product Launches

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there are quite a few launches that offer second tier affiliate commissions. This means that when someone signs up to be an affiliate through your second-tier link, you’ll receive a small portion of