Growing Your Business

5.5 Success-Crushing ChatBot Mistakes

Conversational marketing via chatbot is a powerful way to move your buyers through the sales funnel. Answering questions on the spot and building stronger relationships with them can only increase sales, if done correctly.

Growing your business

7 Oddball Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Two guys – partners – are struggling to make YouTube work for them. But they’re simply not getting the views or the subscribers they hoped for.
And so they make a pact: They’re going to do five videos a week for a few months and see if that kick starts anything.
It most definitely does.


9 Social Media Marketing Pro-Tips You Missed

Is social media marketing right for your product?
And if so, how can you make the most of social media marketing?
I’ve curated 9 tips that might surprise you, annoy you or even flip your concept of social media marketing on its head.

Internet Marketing

How to Get MASSIVE Free Publicity, BK Style

In January of 2019, the Burger King Twitter account started liking people’s tweets from almost 10 years ago.
Out of the blue, Twitter users were getting notifications that Burger King had liked some of their tweets from 2010.
For the most part, these Twitter users had millions of followers.