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5 Secrets to Selling High End Coaching

You know your stuff. You’ve got the skills and the experience or knowledge to teach others. But…
You lack the confidence, right?
After all, who are you to charge $200 a month or $2,000 a month for coaching?

$10K / Month Membership — No Experience Needed

Let’s say that you are brand spanking new to online marketing in general, or to your new niche. You know… not much of anything. Yet, you want to put together a $10,000 a month membership site, and you want to

Teaching “Buy and Sell” for Easy Profit

I met a guy who is running a little club online, teaching people how to buy and sell websites. He has a product, a continuity program and a newsletter. But here’s the surprising bit: The product is inside his continuity

Case Study: $5,000/MO and a FREE List of Buyers

A friend of mine has been doing this for years, yet he’s the only one I’ve heard of doing it. Frankly, I think there is a ton of room here for more people to do the same thing, and maybe

The Secret to Making a Fortune in Continuity Programs

The ‘secret’ isn’t all that secret, and yet most marketers get this wrong. You simply have to give a much higher value than the price that subscribers pay, and two things will happen: They will join in droves, and they