Membership Sites

How to Setup a 52 Week Membership Site in 7 Days – Day 1

Membership sites are AWESOME because you make a sale once and get paid over and over again.


Membership sites suck because you have to create a never-ending stream of content.

It’s kind of like being chained to your content stove, cooking up new and exciting dishes every week without duplication, forever.

Can you really create 3 years, 5 years or 10 years’ worth of fresh content? And for that matter, do you really want to create that much content in the first place?

There’s an easier way, one in which you can set up your entire membership site in just 7 days if you put in the effort.

Day 1: Realize you’re going to make a finite membership site of one year. This means you only need 52 weeks of content, versus, say, 520 weeks of content for a 10-year site.

If you prefer, you can even use an autoresponder to send the content, rather than building an actual membership site.

Because there is an end to the membership, people tend to stay members longer – often for the entire year. With conventional membership sites, people tend to drop out faster. This means you’ll make more money up front.

You’re not going to create the actual content yourself. Instead, you’re going to use PLR content. If possible, buy one big package of PLR so that you have enough content for all the lessons, and the lessons stay consistent.

Today you’ll choose your topic and shop for PLR. The types of PLR you find might even dictate your topic to some degree. You’re looking for a large amount of QUALITY stuff, not junk.

What if you find the perfect content, but there’s only enough for a shorter period of time? It’s okay to adjust the length of your membership accordingly. Maybe it’s a 16-week course on how to write sales letters, a 6-month course on how to drive traffic using social media, or a 9 month course to help people lose the weight and keep it off forever.